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3-in-1 E-Axle for Electric Vehicles

By enhancing power and simultaneously reducing weight and size, Garrett’s 3-in-1 E-Axle presents unparalleled opportunities for heightened performance paired with an improved sustainability footprint

Garrett Motion

Increased Power in Compact Design, All Without Compromising Efficiency

The Garrett 3-in-1 E-Axle delivers a transformative solution in electric vehicle propulsion, integrating advanced E-motor, inverter (power electronics), and transmission technologies into one compact, efficient, and powerful package. By leveraging Garrett’s unique high-speed motor expertise, the E-Axle technology facilitates a significant leap in power density, contributing to the ongoing revolution in electric mobility.

General E-Axle Characteristics

Performance Enhancement

With a power output range covering both passenger and light commercial vehicles, the E-Axle offers high-speed driving capabilities and an increased range of up to 3%


The E-Axle is designed to achieve new levels of efficiency thanks to Garrett’s robust experience in developing and controlling high-speed electric motors and controls


The E-Axle's advanced design makes it >30% more compact, freeing up space for better modularity across vehicle platforms


The E-Axle's is up to 30kg lighter than the industry benchmark, improving vehicle weight management efficiency.


The E-Axle's design uses approximately 35% less magnet contents, including rare earth material, reducing its environmental impact and cost, both of which are key focus areas for Garrett


Garrett Motion E-Motor

High-speed electric motor

Powers the vehicle converting the electric energy into mechanical energy

Garrett Motion Inverter

Inverter + Software

Controls and powers the electric motor while optimizing the energy management

Garrett Motion Gearbox


Adjusts motor rotation speed to wheel speed

Exclusive Garrett Features

Integrated Modular Design

The 3-in-1 E-Axle integrates an E-motor, power electronics inverter, and gearbox into one high-performance package

High-Speed Motor

The E-Motor operates above 30,000 RPM, significantly higher than the industry average, thanks to Garrett’s robust experience in developing and controlling high-speed electric motors and controls

Advanced Inverter

Our teams possess the expertise to create inverters that operate at high switching frequencies, control high-speed machinery, and manage intricate thermal systems within a compact unit

Garrett Quality

To be produced in our advanced facilities, the E-Axle solution benefits from Garrett's rich heritage of technological innovation, manufacturing and commitment to excellence

Garrett Motion

Why Garrett?

Garrett’s 3-in-1 E-Axle is a product of extensive research, meticulous engineering, and stringent quality control. To be produced in our state-of-the-art facilities, the advanced E-Axle solution benefits from Garrett’s rich heritage of technological innovation and commitment to excellence. Our world-class technical solutions help us to drive a growing suite of zero-emissions products.These solutions enable our customers to set new industry standards in power density, efficiency and sustainable transportation.


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