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Oscar Jackson Jr of Jackson Racing – Honda Talon Turbo kit at SEMA 2019

Garrett Becomes Turbo Supplier For Honda Talon SXS Turbo System by Jackson Racing.

The turbocharger unit is designed with robust OEM technologies and has been engineered for the abuse of a performance SXS.

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Jackson Racing Honda Talon® SXS Turbocharger System

The Jackson Racing Talon SXS Turbocharger system delivers an impressive 60+% increase in HP over stock, all through a completely stock Honda drivetrain. At the heart of the Jackson Racing system is a Garrett® turbocharger. Jackson Racing approached Garrett Motion® to build a turbocharger to the specifications required in the performance SXS market and they delivered.

A key feature to the Jackson Racing turbocharger system is the seamless performance. The turbo power doesn’t overpower the chassis, it works with the vehicle effortlessly. “We didn’t want to take away the great riding experience already built into the Talon, we wanted to enhance it,” says Oscar Jackson Sr., President and Chief Engineer.

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