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5300hp Moran Racing Engine 670 Hemi Powered by Twin Garrett – Advancing Motion GTX5544R GEN II 106mm

5300 Horsepower! Highest ever recorded on the engine dyno at 7500 RPM! Moran Race Engines’ 670 cubic inch Hemi with our NEW Twin Garrett GTX5544R GEN II 106mm Turbochargers at 70lbs of boost. The engine still has 1500RPM to go. How much more power do you think it will make at 9000 RPM?

Moran Motorsports Inc; BigStuff3; DYNOmite Dynamometer; Jesel Valvetrain Innovation; Diamond Pistons; Trend Performance Products; Tom Frayer with High Voltage Wiring; Robert Campisi. Learn more about the GTX5544R GEN II 106mm

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