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How to Identify Garrett Turbochargers

Ensuring your Garrett turbocharger is authentic is essential for optimal performance and reliability. This comprehensive guide will help you identify genuine Garrett turbos by highlighting key features, packaging details, and part numbers, ensuring you make informed purchase and verification decisions.

Garrett Signature Packaging

As of 2018, every one of our Garrett® turbos features distinctly recognizable packaging, making them easier to authenticate as genuine. We use one, easy-to-identify packaging format globally, with box sizes that are compatible with regional specifications.

Garrett Standard OEM New Packaging Box

Garrett Original Box

Garrett Reman Packaging Box

Garrett Reman Box

Garrett RedBoost Packaging Box

Garrett Redboost Box

Garrett Performance Packaging Box

Garrett Performance Box

Your Turbo Nameplate

A nameplate will vary according to whether it relates to an original equipment turbo installed by the vehicle manufacturer or to a turbo bought through the independent Aftermarket. The nameplate shows a customer or Garrett part number, turbo model and serial number – providing you information that might help you order a replacement turbo.

See photos of nameplate examples of OE turbos and replacement turbos.

· Nameplates may vary according to geographic region, assembly plant and local requirements.
· Details engraved directly onto the nameplate pad or onto a separate nameplate, which is then bonded on top of the original factory nameplate.

· Note: you may see Garrett, Garrett AiResearch, AlliedSignal, Garrett Engine Boosting Systems or Honeywell logos on older turbos.

Typical IAM nameplates: · Do not include OE logo or OE name

· Do include:
– Turbo model
– Country of Origin
– Part number in IAM format
– Serial number

OE Name Plates

Please see below for examples of OE nameplates, which can be engraved or plated on the turbo housing.

Aftermarket Name Plates

Please see below for examples of Aftermarket nameplates, which can be engraved or plated on the turbo housing.

Garrett Turbo part numbers

We supply turbochargers through 3 different Sales Channels
Channel 1

OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer – The turbo goes directly to the engine/vehicle manufacturer’s production line.

Channel 2

OES Original Equipment Spares – The turbo goes to the engine/vehicle manufacturer’s spare parts network and is sold in their own box.

Channel 3

IAM (Independent After Market) – The turbo is distributed by the Garrett Distributor Network (see website for details).

Garrett Mechanic

Turbocharger Identification

Part Numbering

All part numbers have 6 digits, starting either with 4, 7 or 8.
Examples: 466214, 700447, 801040. Variations of that part number have a “-” followed by four numbers and possible suffix letters. This is referred to as “the dash number” and informs the reader how the turbo was supplied:

Some Examples
OEM new turbo 700447-0008 First character of dash number always 0, no suffix
OES new turbo 700447-5008 First character of dash number always 5, no suffix
new turbo 700447-0008S No longer used, but may exist on older turbos
IAM new turbo
(may include gasket kit – check website)
700447-5008S First character of dash number always 5, suffix letter S
new turbo
(includes gasket kit)
700447-5008W First character of dash number always 5, suffix letter W
(may include gasket kit – check website)
700447-9008S First character of dash number always 9, suffix letter S
(includes gasket kit)
700447-9008W First character of dash number always 9, suffix letter W

Same turbo – different sales channel

Garrett OEM & OES nameplates

Details on nameplate vary according to OE customer requirements

Important details to help identifying the correct turbo to order:
• Customer or OE part number
• Garrett part number
• Turbo model
– Often abbreviated
• S/N = Serial Number
– Identifies assembly date, batch and production facility

Old style OE nameplate may still be seen on older T and GT series turbos
Two examples of typically engraved nameplates on later model turbos supplied to OEs

By understanding how to identify a genuine Garrett turbocharger, you can ensure the best performance and longevity for your engine. Always check for the distinctive packaging, nameplate details, and part numbers. For more information on Garrett turbochargers and their identification, visit our Installer Connect FAQs.

Installer Connect FAQs

FAQs on topics such as Turbo Identification, Interchangeability, Damaged Actuator, Lubricants, Noise, Performance Tuning, Installation and more.

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