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octubre 15, 2019

Moran Race Engines Rotates The Earth With This 5300 Horsepower Hemi Race Engine

It takes a lot of cubes and a lot of turbo to make 5300 horsepower. Mike Moran from Moran Racing Engines wanted to shake the world when he dreamed up this 670 cubic inch hemi race engine. It was only natural that an engine that big be supported by the largest turbos in the Garrett portfolio. Bring on the GTX5544R Gen II with the 106mm compressor inducer.

These large frame turbochargers are capable of flowing about 250 lbs/min of air! That much air flow can support 2,850 horsepower per turbo. Mike Moran quickly said “yes please, I need two of them”. That was the beginning of what was soon to be the highest horsepower ever recorded on an engine dyno. At 70 psi of boost and 7500 RPM the Moran built Hemi made 5300 horsepower on an engine that can rev to 9000 rpm.

Check out the full build details at Hot Rod Magazine by clicking this link



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