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julio 6, 2023

Best Foot Forward in France for ‘WeCare4’ Walk for Charity

Employees and contractors at Garrett’s site in Thaon-les-Vosges (TLV), France, embarked on an amazing walking challenge for Wellbeing Month and raising funds for a mobility charity in the process.

During three weeks in June, 195 people at the site signed up and formed 15 teams that committed to walking a minimum average of 10,000 steps per person every day. The purpose was both to boost their individual health and to support the work of a disability organisation. The teams also engaged in social events to spread the wellbeing message and widen the TLV site’s community engagement.

When all the steps had been counted, the teams had walked an incredible total of 44,911,942 steps – an average of 10,968 steps per day, per person…way beyond expectations. In fact, 110 team members walked more than 10,000 steps per day and six actually registered more than 20,000 per day!

As a result of the amazing achievement, Garrett TLV reached the highest level of donation, enabling the purchase of specialist electrically assisted hiking equipment for the designated charity. The charity works to improve the social life and access to leisure activities of people with disabilities, and the new equipment will enable individuals with reduced mobility to participate in community hiking activities alongside the able-bodied.

Many congratulations to everyone who took part in the challenge.



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