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julio 22, 2020

Garrett E-Turbo Technology Accelerating Global Powertrain Electrification Trends Beginning with Mercedes-AMG

  • Announced Mercedes-AMG E-Turbo partnership adds to Garrett’s list of industry innovations
  • Garrett technology electrification platforms integrate hardware and software controls

ROLLE, Switzerland, June 17, 2020 – Garrett Motion Inc. (NYSE: GTX) is adding another electrification technology innovation to its portfolio with the recently announced development of the world’s first “E-Turbo” for passenger vehicles with Mercedes-AMG.

Garrett and Mercedes-AMG are in the final stages of development of this cornerstone project. The E-Turbo marks an important milestone in enabling automakers to meet industry challenges for increased energy efficiency and new regulatory emission targets through electrification and hybrid technology that satisfies consumer demands for better vehicle performance. Garrett’s E-Turbo is a unique application within the industry drawing upon its mission to meet the unserved needs of the industry with a solution not otherwise available.


“We are excited to support Mercedes-AMG with our cutting-edge technology and a shared vision of an electrified future in the industry,” said Garrett CEO and President Olivier Rabiller. “For Garrett, this application draws upon our capabilities as a leader in turbocharger and electrification technologies which will enable a long list of advanced electrified powertrains moving forward. This is the future of the industry: small, turbocharged, high-performance engines that are incredibly energy efficient and responsive.”

Garrett’s breakthrough technology includes not only a turbocharger achieving speeds of up to 170,000 rpm as published by Mercedes-AMG, but also pushes the industrial limits for high-speed electric motors which must operate perfectly in extreme temperatures and conditions between the two wheels of a traditional turbo setup. Garrett has also developed the power electronics hardware and control software that support the electric motor.

While Garrett’s first E-Turbo application will emerge in Mercedes-AMG premium, high-performance vehicles, Garrett has 10 active global programs in varying vehicle segments capable of electrical regeneration to create energy supporting hybrid vehicle operation. Garrett’s E-Turbo program adds to its existing electrification portfolio which includes its TwoStage Electric Compressor for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles which went into production in 2016.

Garrett’s E-Turbo technology is just one example of how Garrett is well positioned to support future electric powertrains including hybrids as well as any other applications requiring a new approach to problem solving the most pressing needs of the industry.


Michael Cimini
Garrett Motion Inc.
T: +1.973.216.3986




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