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Technical Papers

November 2019

Electric Turbo Whitepaper | A key Technology for EU7 – Hybridized Powertrain (Lambda 1, Performance and Energy efficiency)

Author: P. Davies a, N. Bontemps a, P. De Araujo a, D. Zecchetti b, S. Heintz b

Abstract: Hybrid Powertrains are growing in popularity around the world. The derivative known as Mild Hybrid using 48V Technology is gaining significant acceptance from OEM’s…

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August 2019

Electrified Turbocharging for Commercial Vehicle Engines, the Added Values

Author: L. Jaeger a, D. Mehta b, L. Tabacchi b, J. Lotterman b, F. Eckl a, P. Davies c

Abstract: The integration of an electric motor generator to the shaft of turbochargers is an option Garrett is working on since high speed electrical machines…

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July 2019

Electric Turbo, a key technology for Hybridized Powertrain (Lambda 1, Performance and Energy efficiency)

Author: P. Davies, N. Bontemps, D. Zecchetti, S. Heintz – Garrett Advancing Motion

The automotive world is undoubtedly in a period of flux. Urban air quality and climate change are the key drivers and new technologies such as…

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February 2019

Electric Turbo Boosting – A key Technology for EU7 – Baden Baden 2019

Author: Peter Davies, Nathaniel Bontemps, Alain Bas, Michael Ladonnet, Daniele Zecchetti, Simon Heintz | Garrett - Advancing Motion

Eu7 Mainstream Concept Performance and CO2 potential at Eu7 Boundary Conditions Lambda 1 980°C Full Map 16% Power & 10,5% Torque vs Baseline 4x Torque…

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January 2019

Assessment of eBoosting on a Gasoline micro-Hybrid Passenger Vehicle

Author: Prashanth, Vakayala, Raju, Surendran, Jeckel

As emissions standards tighten, automotive manufacturers on every continent are quickening the pace on turbo uptake to develop passenger cars and trucks that redefine the…

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January 2019

Gasoline VNT as a Fuel Economy and Emission Enabler

Author: Siddhartha,Pohorelsky, Vondrak, Surendran | Garrett Motion

Gasoline VNT is an enabler for heavy millerization offering diesel-like fuel economy with gasoline performance while meeting stringent CO2 regulations. learn more

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September 2018

The coupling of Advanced Gasoline Combustion and a fast-transient Boost System to produce a Low CO2 vehicle Concept

Author: L. Pohorelsky, A. Vondrak, N. Turner, N. Luard, B. Cooper, A. Lane, R. Osborne | Garrett Motion | Honeywell Turanka 100, 62700 Brno, Czech Republic | Jaguar Land Rover Abbey Road, Whitley, Coventry, CV3 4LF, UK | Ricardo Shoreham Technical Centre, Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex, BN43 5FG, UK

Abstract: EU H2020 “Particle Reduced, Efficient Gasoline Engines” (PaREGEn) project targets CO2 reduction by at least 15% under upcoming EU6 RDE legislation. A lean combustion…

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September 2018

Impact of EGR and AFR Targets on Twin-Scroll Turbine MFR Optimization for Commercial Vehicle Diesel Applications

Author: R. Florea, D. Wood, M. Ashraf, D. Mehta and K.H. Lee | Garrett Motion | Honeywell Transportation Systems 2525 190th St, Torrance CA, 91006 USA | Honeywell Transportation Systems Korea 199 Sechojungang-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul 06593, Korea

Abstract Divided turbines improve the efficiency of heavy-duty diesel engines by separating the blowdown events of consecutive cylinders, improving engine pumping and engine volumetric efficiency….

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