Technical Papers

April 2021

Investigation of the Relative Performance of Vaned and Vaneless Mixed Flow Turbines for Medium and Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Applications With Pulse Exhaust Systems

Author: Garrett’s contribution to this paper through Andrew Gardner

Abstract: This paper details results of a numerical and experimental investigation into the relative performance of vaned and vaneless mixed flow turbines for application to…

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April 2021

A New Generation Lean Gasoline Engine for Premium Vehicle CO2 Reduction

Author: published at SAE WCX Digital Summit 2021

Abstract: In an era of rapidly increasing vehicle electrification, the gasoline engine remains a vital part of the passenger car powertrain portfolio. Lean-burn combustion is…

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March 2021

SWUMBLE 3-Cylinder High Efficiency Gasoline Engine for Future Electrified Powertrains

Author: IFP Energies Nouvelles Team: Dr.-Ing. T. Leroy, Dr.-Ing. L. Nowak, Ing. X. Gautrot, Ing. L. Martinez Alvarado, Dr.-Ing. M. Kassa, Ing. P. Granier ; Garrett Motion Team: Ing. D. François, Ing. N. Bontemps, Ing. P. Davies

Abstract: Stringent worldwide CO2 targets are leading the automotive industry towards carbon neutrality. Although the deployment of electric vehicles is part of the solution, a…

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November 2020

The smallest CV VNT (TM) developed for Euro VI+ & Japan PPNLT light duty commercial applications with extreme braking

Author: S. Ikeda, O. Senekl, V. Kalyanaraman

Abstract: Challenging emissions and fuel consumption legislations across the globe drive continuous evolution of VNTTM turbocharger technologies. In the light duty (100 kW – 140…

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October 2020

SC-VNT™ a route toward high efficiency for Gasoline Engines

Author: N. Bontemps a, D. François a, J.C. Sierra a, P. Davies a, L. Lazzarini Monaco b, A. Fuerhapter b

Abstract: CO2 targets and anticipation of Eu7 Legislation is accelerating the widespread adoption of VNT turbochargers for Gasoline engines. VW set the industry best BSFC…

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October 2020

Electric Turbo, a Technology for Stoichiometric Combustion and Increased Efficiency

Author: D. Zecchetti a, S. Heintz a, M. Maniar a, J. Keuler a, P. Davies b

Abstract: The next Euro 7 Emission Regulation will probably require gasoline engines to have full λ=1 combustion operation, in order to limit production of pollutants…

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February 2020

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles to Accelerate Electrification in the Global Auto Industry | Garrett Motion Whitepaper

Author: Garrett Motion Inc | Electric & Hybrid Technologies

Hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) will play a significant role alongside battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) in the global…

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November 2019

Electric Turbo Whitepaper | A key Technology for EU7 – Hybridized Powertrain (Lambda 1, Performance and Energy efficiency)

Author: P. Davies a, N. Bontemps a, P. De Araujo a, D. Zecchetti b, S. Heintz b

Abstract: Hybrid Powertrains are growing in popularity around the world. The derivative known as Mild Hybrid using 48V Technology is gaining significant acceptance from OEM’s…

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