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juillet 22, 2022

Bartosz Ostałowski Makes TOP8 In 2022 Polish Drift Championship, Warsaw

The 3rd round of the Polish Drift Championships, which took place on July 16-17, 2022 in Warsaw Poland where Bartosz Ostalowski took 7th place in Saturday’s qualifications and ended the entire competition at the TOP8.

Nearly 2 months had passed since the last round of the Polish Drift Championships. The Warsaw competition had an international stakes, as in addition to representatives of Poland, there were drivers from Lithuania and Ukraine. Unfortunately, the weather forecast for Saturday (July 16) turned out to be very accurate. During the training sessions the sun was shining, but in the afternoon, when it was time for qualifications, intense rain began to fall. This completely changed the track conditions, making it necessary for the drivers to prepare for driving on a slippery surface.

Each driver had 2 practice runs and 2 scoring runs. The qualifications score was calculated based on the average of both runs. Despite the difficult conditions, Bartosz Ostalowski scored in both runs. In the first he scored 62 points, and in the second he passed all scoring zones and the judges awarded him 72.3 points. This gave him a total score of 67.2 points, which placed him in 7th position. This placement guaranteed him automatic promotion to TOP8.

Drift doesn’t like rain, but nevertheless we fought for the best possible run. The track was very wet and there were puddles in places, which made it difficult to run smoothly. Throughout the race, you had to focus on finding a bit of grip to score a flawless run. I scored points and that’s the most important thing! – talked Bartosz Ostalowski.

On Sunday, the weather turned out to be better, so the audience could count on spectacular and smoky runs. After short training sessions in tandems, there was a briefing for the competitors, and then the competition in TOP16 began.

Bartosz Ostalowski’s rival in TOP8 was Krzysztof Kosycarz (BMW E36). Kosycarz was the leader in the first run, and presented a good qualifying line scoring all the scoring zones. Bartosz attacked him in the second part of the run and he was close to the door of the BMW E36.

After switching places, Ostalowski passed 5 of the 6 scoring zones, while Kosycarz attacked him in the first part of the track and later fell a bit behind. After careful analysis, the jury issued a non-unanimous decision: one judge voted for „one more time” and two judges pointed to Krzysztof Kosycarz as the winner of the this battle.

After an even fight, I drop out in TOP8. This time the opponent turned out to be better. I will frankly admit that I was hoping for a higher place, but I will learn lessons for the future and at the next competition I will be even better prepared for different scenarios during drift battle – announces Bartosz Ostalowski.

The next round of Polish Drift Championships is scheduled for July 30-31 at the track in Słomczyn near Warsaw.




The only professional sports driver in the world who does not have both hands and drives with his feet. He has an international FIA racing license. He competes on equal terms with other drivers in the Drift Polish Championships and european leagues. He is a motivational speaker at conferences and business meetings. He tries to support people in achieving successes as well as in personal development. Bartosz runs his own YouTube channel – “Passion at the Edge”, where he tests unique, exclusive cars and talks with inspiring people about their passions. In addition, he is an artist and member of the VDMFK Publishing House, which unites people who paint with their feet and mouth.


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