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fevereiro 10, 2023

Garrett GVW Wastegates Installed by Drift HQ’s Kris Lawrence

The Garrett GVW Wastegates are the newest option for reliable boost control of turbocharged engines. The Nomex reinforced diaphragm and stainless steel housing provide extreme temperature resistance and durability. In the video, Kris Lawrence from Drift HQ talks about his latest Toyota Supra project that uses a Garrett turbocharger as well as a GVW-45 Garrett Wastegate.

The wastegates are available in 4 color combinations but Kris opted for the black anodized top cap. The wastegate flanges are V-band allowing for easy clocking, and common in size to other brands for direct replacement. Kris mentions the diaphragm, and bushing are easy to replace / service if needed, and it comes with a full set of springs to change base spring pressure from 3 PSI up to 25 PSI.


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