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outubro 6, 2022

Boosting Millions: Wuhan, China Team Celebrates 10 Millionth Turbocharger Milestone Within 9 Years of Operation

Garrett’s Wuhan, China turbocharger plant has achieved a key milestone this summer with the production of the facility’s 10 millionth turbocharger, setting a new production record since the plant went into operation in 2013.

The Wuhan site has maintained an average annual production growth rate in the double-digits for seven consecutive years, becoming one of Garrett’s state-of-the-art benchmark plants worldwide and continuing to provide high-quality products and services to both local and international mainstream automakers in China.

“The 10 million record of Wuhan plant in nine years is an epitome of Garrett fast growth in China, as well as the turbo penetration growth,” said Jessica Zhang, Garrett Vice President and General Manager of China, “More high-thermal efficiency turbo innovation technologies will be developed to fulfill the demand of growing hybrid vehicles. Garrett will continue developing turbo, fuel cell electric compressor and electrified powertrain technologies in the next decades, leading innovations for a cleaner and more efficient world on the move.”

From left: Kang Xu, Manufacturing Engineer; Jessica Zhang, Vice President and General Manager China; Mandy Zhang, Process Quality Leader; Quan Liu, Shift Supervisor; Kelly Ke, Wuhan Plant Manager, Sissi Sun, Logistic Manager; Wenzhi Zhang, China ISC Director; Yanmin Su, Technical Services Leader

Even with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, the employee of Wuhan plant overcame the difficulties of closed-loop production at the most critical moments, completed the delivery to the customer for negative pressure ambulances production. After the pandemic was under control, Wuhan employees quickly resumed work with great passion and set a new annual production capacity record eight months later. The Wuhan plant has been awarded many honors by industry media, customers, and Wuhan Municipal People’s Government.

Deeply rooted in serving the local community, Wuhan plant is dedicated to promoting the implementation and development of high and new technologies and has been recognized the “Top 10 Foreign-invested Enterprises in Economic Contribution in Optics Valley” this year for its outstanding tax contribution.

The Wuhan plant is still striving to improve production efficiency and implement lean operations. The achievement of breaking 10 million production will be a new starting point, marking the new chapter in its development.

The introduction of the first fully automated high-speed production line to manufacture Gas VNT (variable nozzle turbine) turbocharger in China will not only upgrade the plant’s capacity, but also contribute to the high-quality development of energy-saving technologies in China’s automotive industry.

Below are additional photos taken at the celebration event in September.

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