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Meet #GenerationGarrett

Great technology starts with amazing people. Everyone at Garrett Motion helps create a cleaner, safer future of mobility. That’s what #GenerationGarrett stands for.

Jan Matulik

Program Management Director
Jan Matulik is passionate about innovation in products and processes – and he found the perfect environment for what drives him when he joined Garrett...

Mandy Zhang

APU Manager, Integrated Supply Chain
Since joining Garrett as a manufacturing engineer in 2016, Mandy Zhang’s skills development across multiple roles has led to a senior position in the company’s...

Sujin Ok

Senior Procurement Specialist
As an indirect procurement specialist, Korea-based Sujin Ok thrives on being part of a global network comprising Garrett Motion colleagues, stakeholders, and vendors. For her,...

Cristina Marin

Technical Lead & Software Engineer
Software engineering is Cristina Marin’s passion. As a Garrett Motion cybersecurity specialist based in Bucharest, she’s an integral part of the Connected Vehicle team developing...
Krutika Kothawade, Application Engineer

Krutika Kothawade

Application Engineer
Application Engineer Krutika Kothawade personifies the value of a workplace culture that celebrates diversity, equality of opportunity and talent. Krutika joined Garrett Motion in 2018,...

Petr Chmelicek

Senior Development Engineer
The joy of solving challenges and bringing new ideas to life keeps Senior Development Engineer Petr Chmelicek alert in his job. Garrett is the perfect...

Nadia Mokhtari - Madani

Senior Electrification Expert, Garrett Electrification Center of Excellence
A move from academia to industry created the perfect opportunity for Dr. Nadia Mokhtari-Madani, a Senior Electrification Expert at Garrett Motion, to combine her love...

Max Wang

Fuel Cell Compressor Test Engineer, Garrett Shanghai Laboratory
Max Wang joined Garrett Motion five years ago, just around the time the company launched the world’s first hydrogen fuel cell compressor for the automotive...

Valeriy Fedorikhin

Lead Engineer, Mechanical Integration at Garrett Motion’s Electrification Center of Excellence
Valeriy “Val” Fedorikhin is a next generation engineer with a passion for the impossible. Based in California, one of the most innovative places in the...

Trupti Shinde

Senior Procurement Project Manager
Senior Procurement Project Manager Trupti Shinde is inspired by learning…and the opportunity it brings to expand her horizons. In 2018, she became the first new...

Ali Najmabadi

Motor Control Software Leader, Garrett Electrification Center of Excellence
The sentiment you get when seeing the level of excitement Motor Control Software Engineer Ali Najmabadi invests in his electrification projects is very similar to...

Wayne Kim

Senior Software Engineering Supervisor, Garrett Connected Vehicle Software Team
When Wayne Kim joined Garrett’s Connected Vehicle Software Team in Korea, he was realizing an ambition to make a difference on a global scale. As...

Petra Dubinova

Engineering Trainee
Studies: Power Engineering, Brno University of Technology
Brno University of Technology graduate Petra Dubinova recently celebrated her one-year anniversary with Garrett Motion. She joined the company’s Engineering and Technology Graduate Program in...

Sung-Hoon Lee

Garrett Korea Fuel Cell Compressor (FCC) Application Engineering Leader
A career dedicated to cutting-edge technologies. Garrett Korea’s FCC Application Engineering Lead Sung-Hoon Lee has been making an impact on automotive transportation for more than...

Weida Fan

Indirect Buyer
“Garrett people are passionate about what they do, take ownership of their roles and contribute to a collaborative culture that drives our business.” That is...

Fred Padilla

Test Engineering Manager, Garrett Mexicali Test Laboratory
For Test Engineering Manager Fred Padilla, interacting with breakthrough technology may be part of his daily routine…but he never tires of the exhilaration associated with...

Leonard Pascu

Assistant Controller, Accounting
Unwavering finance expert, motor sports enthusiast, and occasional racer, Garrett Motion’s Assistant Controller Leonard Pascu likes to think of himself as a competitive, open minded,...

Priyanka Thakur

Senior Buyer
“This is a perfect place to learn and grow, in a culture that recognizes your efforts and performance.” Priyanka Thakur’s journey with Garrett started in...

Jaroslav Pekař

Senior Research & Development Manager, Garrett Connected Vehicle
Jaroslav Pekař is a true innovator. Since 2007, he has been working on the edge – the edge between theory and real-life next generation automotive...

Giovanna Nabahan

Customer Service Analyst
Customer happiness first . . . always first! These words not only reflect Garrett Motion work culture, but are a career guiding principle for Garrett...

Sandra Wang

Global Commodity Director for casting and machining
Garrett’s multinational footprint presents a world of opportunity for people like procurement specialist Sandra Wang, who moved from China to Switzerland to further her career...

Isaac Li

R&D Engineering Trainee
Studies: Energy and Power Engineering – School of Mechanical Engineering, Jiao Tong University, Shanghai
Isaac Li’s passion for learning and the practical application of knowledge makes him a perfect fit for Garrett’s graduate program. The young R&D engineer joined...

Alexandra Boangiu

Junior Developer
Alexandra Boangiu has been recently promoted as Junior Developer, after completing an extensive one-year internship program at Garrett. For Alexandra Boangiu joining the company’s Internship...


Start Your Career

Garrett’s Graduate and Internship Programs are tailored to answer your needs and help you fulfill your potential. Learn more about our opportunities.


Develop Your Skills

Our employees benefit from a blend of learning and development programs that result in 40,000 hours of training delivered each year. Learn more about our Learning and Development approach.


Grow With Us

Garrett nurtures an empowering culture that enables people to define their career paths within the company and grow both professionally and personally.


Empowering Culture

Working at Garrett means living your passion. We love what we do. You can feel it inside our collaborative, inclusive culture, recognize it in people’s courage to challenge convention, and understand it in our pioneering technologies.

This is how we choose to make our mark.

Garrett Motion Logo

Global Community

Passion has no boundaries. Garrett is a global community of enthusiasts. We collaborate across national borders and engage across cultures in an environment that celebrates our differences. From our state-of-the-art production facilitated by our precision operators to the cutting-edge innovation driven by our R&D talent, Garrett is the sum of tens of nationalities working together to accomplish excellence. Take a tour of our offices.


Inclusive Environment

At Garrett, we believe in people, whatever their starting point, background, culture, or beliefs. We believe in their potential to achieve great things, we encourage them to aim high, and help them to be successful.

This performance-driven culture is based on an inclusive work environment that celebrates diversity in all its forms, defining who we are and how we act, think and lead as a global community.

worker at garrett presov plant



Do you want to be part of the future? Be part of the team that writes the E-Turbo history. Learn more about our opportunities in electrical engineering around the world.

Garrett’s electric and hybrid portfolio is helping vehicle manufacturers worldwide to improve emissions and fuel economy, shaping a cleaner, safer and more efficient future of mobility. Our engineering organization is responsible for developing a differentiated product portfolio of boosting solutions – both for our traditional turbocharger business and for new growth areas such as electrification, that enable manufacturers to set new benchmarks in vehicle performance.


Smarter cars are built now! Join our software development teams in areas like cybersecurity or diagnostic and prognostic solutions and help the largest auto makers in the world shape the mobility of tomorrow.

Garrett’s Connected Vehicle team delivers new software solutions that help automakers safeguard their vehicles by detecting, reporting and preventing anomalies that might occur. From Automotive Cybersecurity, Diagnostic and Prognostic Solutions to Fleet Early Warning Systems, Garrett’s solutions unlock the full potential of automotive connectivity and deliver the promise of clean and reliable mobility.



Searching for a place where your voice will be heard, and you can implement your ideas? Garrett prides itself in creating a culture of operational excellence where talent is nurtured, and new ideas are encouraged every day.

Garrett’s Procurement teams drive continuous improvement across the organization by ensuring the best value offering to the business. The operational and strategic responsibilities within the team range from contract negotiation and conducting e-auctions to supply chain management, and continuous communication with suppliers and internal stakeholders.


At Garrett you will work with the largest vehicle makers worldwide, contributing to key innovations that will reshape the industry.

The Garrett Customer Management organization is responsible for developing and driving positive relationships with customers at a local, and ultimately, global level. We are the focal point between our customers and the Garrett Motion organization for everything from the earliest concepts and new technologies to winning new business and executing production launches.


Looking for other career opportunities?

At Garrett Motion we are always looking for new talented, courageous and motivated colleagues, that strive to make a difference. We offer a variety of opportunities. From Engineering, and Integrated Supply Chain to Corporate Functions, and Business Management, you can find your place in Garrett no matter your experience level.
We believe you can do amazing things. If you believe the same, take a closer look now at what we have to offer.
Only you can set the pace for your career, but we will make sure you get all the support you need.


Guiding the Future: Garrett’s Controls Technology Pushes E-Motor Performance to New Heights

Garrett Motion’s world-leading advances in high-speed electric motors, which solve a variety of industry challenges across vehicle traction, cooling, air supply, and more, are rooted…

What is an Electric Turbocharger? Exploring the Power and Efficiency of Garrett’s E-Turbo

In the relentless pursuit of advanced, eco-conscious automotive technologies, Garrett Motion stands at the vanguard with its E-Turbo technology. This award-winning innovation, first launched in…

Garrett Set to Boost Landmark H2-ICE Engine Program for Large-Scale Earthmoving, Construction Markets

Garrett Motion has been selected by a major global OEM to provide turbo technology for a hydrogen-powered internal combustion engine (H2-ICE) developed specifically for off-highway…

3-in-1 E-Axle for Electric Vehicles

The Garrett 3-in-1 E-Axle revolutionizes electric vehicle propulsion by seamlessly integrating cutting-edge E-motor, inverter (power electronics), and transmission technologies into a single, compact, and high-performance package….

Powering the Future: Driving EV Advancements with Garrett’s In-House Electronics Capabilities

  When Garrett introduced the industry-first passenger vehicle E-Turbo, the breakthrough didn’t merely signify an evolution in e-motor technology; it also served as a powerful…

zero-emission technology for vehicles

Technology for Zero-Emission Vehicles

Garrett’s growing suite of zero-emission products, encompassing the E-Cooling system, the 3-in-1 E-Axle, and the Fuel Cell E-Compressor, revolutionizes sustainable mobility by offering advanced, efficient,…

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