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Vehicle Specific Turbocharger Kits

PowerMax™ direct fit performance turbocharger kits are engineered for enthusiasts that want increased engine performance while maintaining OEM direct fitment. With professional engine calibration and tuning, the optimized compressor aero will increase flow and outperform the stock turbocharger. These products are not approved for street use. Installation may affect the vehicle’s safety, warranty, and operating license. For details, contact your vehicle’s manufacturer or turbo kit distributor.

best in durability, reliability, and power on demand

Garrett’s vehicle-specific products are engineered to replace the OEM product, in the stock location. *Performance results of this product are highly dependent upon your vehicle’s modifications and tuning/calibration. The target power represented has been calculated based strictly on the choke flow of the compressor map (total turbo capability), which represents the potential flywheel power.