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Automotive Diagnostic and Prognostic Solutions helps manufacturers to lower their development and warranty costs

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Garrett Vehicle Health Management

Predict and prevent failures that were unpredictable in the past. Keep your car running all the time.
Garrett – Advancing Motion developed Health Indicators that collect and combine throughout the vehicle. Combining multiple inputs, Garrett analytics provides an on-going health status of your car. Health Indicators provide actionable information before the warning light comes on.

Effective Diagnostics: pinpoint efficient repair quickly and easy.
Service technician will be able to have diagnosis work done before the car comes to the garage: save time and have spare parts ready.

Predict and prevent failures, fast and efficient service execution, and opportunities in the fields of Engineering, Aftermarket, Parts inventory and planning.
The Prognostic Health Indicators and the service procedures will help you stay ahead of the game for future generations of cars.

Diagnostics and Prognostics Features

On board analytic based on

Physics and Data Driven Models

Off board analytic including Guided Diagnostic

for development engineers and service bay technicians

Flexible and Modular Tools that can be used on any

platform of vehicle, any component and hardware

Diagnostics and Prognostics Key Benefits

  • Improving the trouble shooting process in development and in serviceavoiding No trouble found and warranty costs
  • Improve uptime by understanding the the real-time health of the system and prognosis-based maintenance
  • Lower cost of ownership by Reducing unnecessary and unscheduled maintenance
  • Unlock new revenue stream by safeguarding the autonomous system performance at all time

Controls Features

Physics and Data Driven Models

to generate health indicators

Advanced Control Technic

to implement on-board mitigation action

Calibration Tools

Support Integration

to Production ECU

Flexible and Modular Tools

that can be used on any platform of vehicle

Controls (OnRAMP) Key Benefits

  • Increase sales through Improved Vehicle Behavior, Performance and Safety
  • Reduce engineering costs by improving Tuning Time, validation and control time
  • Reduce material costs by replacing physical components by virtual components