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Garrett Motion Releases External Wastegate Product Line

Garrett Motion, a Global Differentiated Technology Leader, releases an external wastegate product line to complement its extensive turbocharger and intercooler portfolio. With over sixty-five years of boosted experience, Garrett technology has been utilized by nearly every major global auto maker, resulting in approximately 100 million vehicles with our products and an average launch rate of 100 new applications annually spanning from gas, to diesel, fuel cell, and racing and performance applications.

Garrett Vent | External Wastegates are available in three sizes (40mm, 45mm, 50mm) and four color options (Red, Blue, Silver, Black). Wastegates regulate turbocharger shaft speed by venting exhaust gas around the turbine stage of the turbocharger. This requires precise actuation of the valve while facing constant high temperature exhaust gases. High temperature stainless steel is used on the valve housing, springs, and flanges. The valve is manufactured from high temp stainless steel with a plated stem to provide temperature resistance and superior durability.

The diaphragm plays an important role in wastegate performance and durability. Its role is to seal the upper and lower cover as to not let the boost pressure signal to escape, while moving up and down with the valve (think of it like a balloon). If a diaphragm fails, it can cause the turbo to overspeed and fail. Garrett Vent diaphragm assemblies are created a Nomex reinforced elastomer that is both temperature and fatigue resistant. Garrett Vent | External Wastegates are CFD optimized for maximum flow. The flow chart shows the performance data for each GVW wastegate throughout the valve stroke range.

The wastegate kit comes with all fasteners, springs, fittings, V-bands, clamps, and flanges. A base pressure of 1 Bar | 14.5 PSI is the standard calibration pressure for all valve sizes. However, the springs can be configured from 0.2 Bar | 2.9 PSI up to 1.7Bar | 24.7 PSI (considering 1:1 backpressure) The actuator design allows for multiple air/liquid fitting orientations. Liquid-cooled actuator ports for use on severe applications can reduce body temperatures up to 52%.

Flange specs are common with products currently used in some vehicles. Please use the reference chart to see if Garrett Vent | External Wastegates are interchangeable with your existing offering.
GVW-40: Inlet OD 55.4mm | 2.18in Outlet OD 48.9mm | 1.93in (Interchangeable with Tial MV-S)
GVW-45: Inlet OD 63.5mm | 2.50in Outlet OD 55.4mm | 2.18in (Interchangeable with Tial MV-R)
GVW-50: Inlet OD 68.0mm | 2.68in Outlet OD 63.5mm | 2.50in (Interchangeable with Turbosmart Gen V ProGate 50)

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