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May 13, 2024

Webinar: Secondary Air Injection with 48V E-Compressor

In this resourcefull webinar, we will delve into the impactful role of secondary air injection systems and explore how they contribute to cleaner and more efficient engine performance.

At the same time, we’ll discuss Garrett’s thorough investigation into the suitability of its cutting-edge 48V E-Compressor and E-Turbo for secondary air injection applications.

Garrett Motion

Garrett Motion

Secondary air injection (SAI) is one of the most promising technical solutions for reducing cold-start emissions and helping our customers meet future emissions regulations. Currently, low-power systems are used that only allow catalyst heating at low engine loads. However, electrically assisted boost systems are needed for dynamic boundary conditions.

The recent measurement campaign at Garrett corroborates simulation studies performed in the past, reinforcing the potential of SAI systems with electric boosting to meet and exceed upcoming emission regulations.

Webinar key takeaways:

  • Find out about electric boosting devices as tools to promote emission compliance  
  • Discover how electric boosting devices improve engine performance and can reduce cold start emissions.

Speaker: Surya Kiran Yadla, Powertrain Leader – Light Vehicle & Electric Boosting.


Garrett Motion

48V Electric Compressor for Hybrid Vehicles

Garrett Motion

Garrett electric compressors can deliver unmatched power density through superior aerodynamics and electrical design, helping automakers achieve the diesel and gasoline powertrain efficiency required to meet stringent emissions standards.

Garrett Motion

Award-Winning E-Turbo Technology

Garrett Motion

“Garrett has developed several demonstration vehicles equipped with E-Turbo technology, showcasing how an electrified boosting solution can enhance engine power and torque. These vehicles operate at Lambda 1, enabling energy recuperation for the vehicle’s electrical system. By electrifying the turbocharger, the need for a small, highly efficient turbine to drive the compressor at low flow rates is eliminated, allowing us to optimize the turbine size specifically for Lambda 1 rated power.”

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