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Emission Reduction Technology

Our world-class technical solutions are helping to drive a new era where efficiency is critically important. These innovations enable our customers to set new benchmarks in vehicle performance while addressing evolving fuel efficiency and exhaust emission reduction regulations.

Revolutionizing Mobility Through Efficient Solutions

Garrett's Emission Reduction Products Benefits

Our highly-engineered technologies are rooted in 70 years of pioneering turbocharging systems, encompassing solutions crafted to enhance vehicle performance, fuel economy and driveability.

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Fuel Efficiency

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Our Emission Reduction Products

Garrett Motion

Award-Winning E-Turbo Technology

Garrett Motion

Garrett’s pioneering E-Turbo technology delivers superior performance, fuel economy, and emissions, by integrating state-of-the-art, ultra-high-speed electric motors and power electronics into its turbocharger product families. World-class Garrett engineers successfully overcame the many challenges in thermal management, energy recovery, compact packaging and high-volume and low-cost design to develop the E-Turbo. They show exciting potential and equal applicability in both light & commercial vehicles, in all fuels such as gasoline, diesel and natural gas (CNG).

Garrett Motion

48V Electric Compressor for Hybrid Vehicles

Garrett Motion

Garrett electric compressors can deliver unmatched power density through superior aerodynamics and electrical design, helping automakers achieve the diesel and gasoline powertrain efficiency required to meet stringent emissions standards. The new generation dramatically improves transient response and steady-state, low-end torque, enabling advanced combustion strategies required to meet stringent emissions norms.

Garrett Motion

Turbocharger Technology

Garrett Motion

Turbocharging is a technology perfectly in tune with 21st-century living. From microcars and family SUVs to heavy-duty trucks and off-highway machines, Garrett turbos boost the world’s auto fleet, helping create a more energy-efficient future. Garrett’s rich portfolio of turbo technologies covers the broadest range of engine applications, such as gasoline, diesel and commercial vehicles turbochargers.

Garrett Motion

Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine (H2ICE)

Garrett Motion

A Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine (H2ICE) is an engine specifically tailored for use in commercial vehicles that aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The engine uses hydrogen as fuel and achieves near zero CO2 emissions. Garrett suports H2ICE powertrains by offering turbochargers solutions for nearly every size of internal combustion engine – from 0.6L power units to massive industrial engines up to 100L and everything in between including medium and heavy duty trucks from 5 to 16L.

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Ekim 22, 2023

Driving the Future: Garrett’s High-Speed Electric Motor Tech Boosts Industry Transformation

  Garrett Motion, renowned for its trailblazing role in the automotive industry, has leveraged its expansive knowledge in turbocharger systems to design and produce high-speed…

Ağustos 3, 2023

Innovation for Clean Mobility: Garrett Motion Launches 2022 Sustainability Report

Garrett Motion announces the launch of its third sustainability report showcasing an overview of the economic, environmental, and social impact of Garrett’s operations in 2022,…

Ocak 5, 2023

7 Aspects That Enable a More Successful Electrified Future with Garrett’s E-Turbo

The auto industry is rapidly adopting electrified hybridization, leveraging high voltage systems to improve fuel efficiency and performance. Indeed, analysts predict hybrid powertrains – boosted…

Haziran 8, 2022

Enable Better Performance, Fuel Economy with Garrett’s Electric Compressor for Hybrid Vehicles

Garrett Motion’s next-generation electric compressor (E-Compressor) is one of the company’s latest developments in electric boosting technology. It further expands the company’s presence in the…

Mayıs 3, 2023

Garrett Turbo Tech, Expertise Supporting Mazda’s Bio-fueled Endurance Race Car

Garrett Motion is applying its leadership in turbocharger technologies to a carbon-neutral fueled race car that aims to inspire a new era of motorsports. Mazda…

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