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Extended Tip Compressor Wheel

Have you ever wondered how long extended tip compressor wheels have been used or why they are used in modern turbochargers? Extended tip refers to the overhang of the compressor exducer past the back disc of the compressor wheel. The extended tip compressor wheel has been used in Garrett Performance Turbos since the introduction of GTX Gen I turbochargers circa 2011. Whether you see it or not, it is a performance feature included in GTX Gen I, GTX Gen II, G-Series, GTW, and GBC turbochargers.

The extended tip design allows air to remain on the blades longer (more work done to the air) compared to a traditional straight-blade design. The result is increased pressure ratio capability, efficiency, and overall flow. An extended tip wheel provides aerodynamic performance normally only achieved by a larger but slower spooling turbocharger.

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