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Webinar – Modern Heavy-Duty Diesel Wastegate Turbocharger Technology

Wastegate turbochargers have a long history in heavy-duty (HD) diesel engines and will continue to play a significant role in improving efficiency to meet more stringent future regulations. Watch this webinar and find out more about our solutions.


  • Industry trends in commercial vehicle (CV) engines and strategies to achieve regulatory compliance and fuel efficiency
  • Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) vs selective catalytic reduction (SCR) engine architecture strategies and how each drives different turbochargers requirements
  • Drive to +50% brake thermal efficiency and how Garrett is evolving turbocharger aerodynamics, bearing systems, and pulse utilization to boost overall turbo efficiency
  • Next-generation wastegate turbo technologies that deliver more efficiency and robustness to meet the demands of future HD engines over the next ten years.