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High Efficiency Axial TwoStage System CO2RE

Garrett – Advancing Motion and several other consortia members partnered together under the umbrella of the European Union, Framework 7 program “CO2RE”. The program was…

Double Axle VNT™ Turbo

As Commercial Vehicle engine manufacturers continue their push for increased power density and lower emissions, Double Axle VNT can help achieve both objectives with excellent…

Ball Bearing Go Mainstream

Garrett has already delivered Ball Bearing solutions to nearly all major car manufacturers. Demonstrated commitment to innovation across all vehicle segments around the world. Learn…

Garrett Electric Boosting

The New Frontier of Engine and Electric Boosting We are supporting the industry’s pursuit of improved fuel economy and emissions with innovations integrating a new…

The Garrett Electric Compressor

Our new generation electric compressor dramatically improves transient response and steady state low end torque, enabling advanced combustion strategies required to meet stringent emissions norms….

TwoStage Electric Compressor for Fuel Cells

Our efficient, powerful and lightweight compressor fuses leading-edge aerospace and automotive technologies to boost next generation fuel cells and promoting adoption of zero emission vehicles….

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