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August 26, 2019 – August 29, 2019

JSAE/SAE Powertrains, Fuels and Lubricants International Meeting, Kyoto, Japan 2019

Don’t miss Electrified Commercial Vehicles Powertrains – Merits of Boosting System Topologies by Mr. Laurentius JAEGER part of the Technical Workshop in the Pursuit of Technologies for High Efficiency and Low Emissions of ICE and Powertrain by Electrification – 13:00 – 16:30, Wednesday, August 28.

Through these discussions, the meeting aims to contribute to the development of new and promising automotive and fuel technologies, envisaging the future of automobiles based on projections for meeting future goals that are more concrete and more comprehensive than we may have envisaged so far.

Garrett Motion CV truck

Keynote speeches (KS) and an executive panel session (EPS) will inspire the participants to envision the future of cars and other vehicles and their power sources from a broad, comprehensive perspective. KS will look at the wider global trends that will contribute to CO2 emission reductions toward 2050, followed by a further EPS where experts will discuss the three technological development paths of pure electric powertrains, hybrid powertrains, and fuels and lubricants with an eye to 2050.

Furthermore, technical workshops (TWS) will be held with discussions focusing on specific challenges that need to be addressed and overcome. Combined with industry expert presentations on the latest automotive and fuel technologies, the workshops will deepen and broaden attendee understanding of the challenges that we face.


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