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Mai 6, 2024

Garrett Set to Boost Landmark H2-ICE Engine Program for Large-Scale Earthmoving, Construction Markets

Garrett’s two-stage turbocharging enhances engine performance and reliability by dividing compression tasks between two turbochargers, resulting in highly pressurized air delivered at optimal efficiency and durability.

Garrett Motion has been selected by a major global OEM to provide turbo technology for a hydrogen-powered internal combustion engine (H2-ICE) developed specifically for off-highway machinery used in large-scale earthmoving and construction activities.

The engine, slated for a market debut in 2025, will incorporate Garrett’s two-stage turbo technology, tailored for the OEM’s operations across Australia, Central Asia, and Europe. This solution is designed to deliver performance comparable to traditional diesel powertrains, while emitting zero tailpipe CO2 and near zero pollutants.

The collaboration with the major global OEM marks a significant milestone in the development of eco-friendly solutions for heavy machinery. Garrett is the exclusive turbo technology supplier for this project and will continue to support the OEM beyond the public launch in 2025. This partnership is particularly noteworthy as it introduces Garrett to a new, previously unserved OEM customer and opens a new segment of opportunity for zero CO2 technology within the off-highway earthmoving and construction space.

“Partnering on this groundbreaking H2-ICE project demonstrates Garrett’s capability to adapt and innovate in response to the evolving needs of the automotive and commercial vehicle industries,” said David Degrange, Garrett’s vice president and general manager for commercial vehicles. “This project underscores our commitment to sustainability and our ability to deliver advanced solutions that meet the rigorous demands of the large-scale construction industry.”

H2-ICE technology is attracting widespread attention globally for its potential to significantly reduce CO2 emissions compared to conventional diesel engines, using a similar powertrain architecture. Importantly, the refueling time for hydrogen-powered vehicles is comparable to that of traditional fuels, providing a significant advantage for commercial vehicle applications where minimizing downtime is critical.

Garrett’s involvement in H2-ICE development highlights its commitment to pioneering sustainable propulsion technologies. By leveraging extensive experience in turbocharging and air management systems, Garrett is at the forefront of enabling the shift toward cleaner, more efficient engines in both on-highway and off-highway applications. This endeavor into H2-ICE technology exemplifies Garrett’s dedication to innovation and environmental stewardship, further demonstrating its commitment as a leader in the transition to zero-emission technologies.

H2-ICE presents an elegant zero-emission solution, utilizing existing industry infrastructure and vehicles while sidestepping the drawbacks of alternatives like heavy battery packs, limited range, and lengthy recharging times. Turbocharging technology is paramount to H2-ICE’s success, making Garrett’s leadership pivotal in enabling its full potential.

As the world moves towards greener alternatives, Garrett’s contributions to the development of hydrogen-powered engines represent a significant step forward in reducing the environmental impact of heavy-duty machinery, while maintaining the high-performance and durability standards the industry requires.

About Garrett’s Two-Stage Turbocharger

Garrett’s two-stage turbochargers use a series approach to enhance engine performance. Initially, air is compressed by the first turbocharger, increasing its pressure significantly. This air is then compressed further by a second turbocharger, resulting in a total pressure that is much higher than atmospheric levels. After being cooled, this highly pressurized air enters the engine. The division of compression tasks between two turbochargers ensures that they work within their most effective ranges, promoting greater efficiency without sacrificing reliability. Additionally, the lower speeds at which both stages operate contribute to the long-term durability of the system’s components. This method of turbocharging supports the delivery of improved engine performance while maintaining reliability.

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