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Meet #GenerationGarrett

Alexandra Boangiu

Junior Developer

Alexandra Boangiu has been recently promoted as Junior Developer, after completing an extensive one-year internship program at Garrett. For Alexandra Boangiu joining the company’s Internship Program was an amazing self-development experience. “I really wanted to gain relevant IT experience, to improve my technical skills, and to take a step ahead in my career,” explains Alexandra. “Therefore, I knew right from the start that this internship is perfectly aligned with my long-term goals. ”The program has proven to be an “incredibly rewarding and exciting experience” with plenty of interesting and complex tasks from which Alexandra could benefit.

The Internship Experience: Being Part of a Strong Team

“The program began with a period of accommodation, getting to know the team and the activities carried out by them. I felt extremely welcomed and I became immediately part of the team. Also, one thing that I found interesting is that, as part of the onboarding program, we had the chance to visit the Bucharest turbocharger plant. That really helped us understand the company’s culture,” says Alexandra.

“Each task is a challenge that gets me out of my comfort zone and helps me to continuously improve my programming skills.”

“Next was a series of trainings that developed my programming knowledge and with the practice of the new skills I’ve acquired, followed by a step-by-step ownership of tasks. I was included in all projects from early development stages, under the close supervision and guidance of my manager and colleagues. I really feel that the focus is on my evolution,” adds Alexandra.

“On the other hand, the soft skills development was driven by my recurring coaching meetings with the site’s IT Leader, which strengthened my communication and presentation skills, helped me understand the business, the company strategy and the organizational culture,” says Alexandra, who loves the mix between technical and soft skills the program provides.

“What I liked most about Garrett is that the company invests in young people, either inside the company – through Internships and Graduate Programs – or outside, by providing trainings and tailored workshops to students in collaboration with third party providers and Universities.”

“This internship has certainly exceeded my expectations, with every week being a challenge that helped me develop my abilities. The program is very well structured and organized so the students can evolve. Also, it was created to be flexible, to fit into the university schedule, and so I could finish the last year of study,” explains the junior developer.

Why join Garrett’s Internship Program? Build the Fundamentals of Your Career

“I think that participating in an internship is extremely valuable to a student. Firstly, because it can become an investment in yourself but, also because it helps you take a glimpse into what the future has reserved for you,” considers Alexandra.

She further explains: “This program can set the fundamentals of your career. It helps you confirm your strengths, gives you confidence in your own forces; it makes you more responsible as a young student. Also, it familiarizes you with the corporate environment while handing you the means to build your network of contacts and, the most important element, you get the chance to learn from highly qualified people in the desired field. Moreover, during the internship you can find a mentor to give you advice, motivate you to achieve your potential and guide you to succeed.”

During her time with Garrett as an Intern and as a full-time employee, Alexandra was impressed by the company’s focus on people.

“Garrett is a company that encourages continuous development, where I found very high standards and well-grounded behaviors. I’ve seen a strong focus on innovation in many departments, and I found people that are very open to share their experiences with you. But, certainly, the thing I liked the most is that Garrett invests in young people, either inside the company – through Internships and Graduate Programs – or outside by providing trainings and tailored workshops to students in collaboration with third party providers and universities.”

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