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Meet #GenerationGarrett

Isaac Li

R&D Engineering Trainee
Studies: Energy and Power Engineering – School of Mechanical Engineering, Jiao Tong University, Shanghai

Isaac Li’s passion for learning and the practical application of knowledge makes him a perfect fit for Garrett’s graduate program. The young R&D engineer joined the company’s three-year rotational university scheme in June 2020 and has been working at the company’s lab in Shanghai. During this time, he has accumulated valuable experience, contributed to important projects and grew new skills. Find out more about his experience at Garrett.

Why Garrett’s Graduate Program? A Broad Platform and Clear Development Pathway

“As a leader in turbocharger technology, Garrett was immediately attractive to me when the opportunity arose to join the rotational program,” explains Isaac. “I had studied thermodynamics at university and had used professional simulation software in my graduation project, so I had a solid foundation to build on when it came to turbochargers.

“I saw the program as a great opportunity to accumulate knowledge in areas not available at university, such as production analysis, Moreover, joining the program presented itself like an opportunity to gain practical lab experience and deepen my expertise in experimental testing equipment, and engine and turbocharger architecture.”

In addition to benefiting from working within world class engineering facilities, interns and graduates on the program also gain access to a broad development pathway. This is seen as a big plus point by Isaac, who will have the chance to work in several departments during his time with Garrett, based on his preferences and the company’s needs.

“What I like most is the sense of accomplishment I have when I looked back over my time with Garrett and see my own growth”.

“Participating in a rotational program provides a multi-dimensional approach to personal development and is enabling my self-improvement. Not only am I developing my professional abilities, I’m also enhancing my coordination, leadership and communication skills.”

Peer learning A supportive team

 For Isaac, accumulating new knowledge is one of the most exciting things about Garrett’s graduate program – along with the opportunity to learn from colleagues.

“I’m very glad that I’m meeting so many different experts and leaders during my rotation. You always have something valuable to learn from others. Fortunately, my manager’s rigorous attitude and our lab leader’s methodical approach are helping me navigate these opportunities in a way that means I develop lots of different skill sets.”

“Participating in a rotational program provides a multi-dimensional approach to personal development and is enabling my self-improvement”.

“I also have the chance to experience working in different departments, which extends my familiarity with Garrett’s design and production processes. It’s also been exciting to get involved in real projects with the support of my managers. For example, I was part of the team working on a new exhaust manifold optimization, which meant I gained experience in troubleshooting, data analysis and team communication. I was recognized by the team throughout the project and I enjoyed my contributions to the project.”

But joining Garrett means much more than professional growth and skill development. For Isaac it meant getting a chance to better himself at a personal level by becoming more confident.

“What I like the most is the sense of accomplishment I have when I look back over my time with Garrett and see my own growth. I have to admit that when I first arrived at Garrett, I felt a little nervous, but with the support of my new colleagues and through my engagement in projects, I became increasingly motivated and confident in my mindset and my actions,” says Isaac.

A workplace where all ideas are valued

Isaac appreciates Garrett strong values and performance driven culture. “Personally, I really enjoy the atmosphere and vitality at Garrett. It’s a place where everyone is encouraged to play a full part both in projects and in the workplace culture.

“Garrett attaches great importance to teamwork and to employees’ ideas”

“Garrett attaches great importance to teamwork and to employees’ ideas. I feel very comfortable working here. And, of course, for me the ability to be gain knowledge and experience from a world leader in turbo technology is invaluable. I would certainly recommend the program to graduates.”

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