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Water-Cooling GVW External Wastegates

GVW wastegates feature a water-cooling circuit which allows the product to be operated in extremely high temperature conditions while maintaining its actuation characteristics. Water-cooling symbols are etched near both of the fitting ports for easy identification. If water-cooling, both ports must be used to create a coolant loop. (2) M8x1.0 to AN-3 Water fittings and (2) washers are included and can be installed with a 14mm wrench or socket.

Fluid should be directed from the cool side of the radiator and returned to the hot side for best performance.

When researching shortfalls of wastegates, engineers observed how heat cycling can change actuation characteristics of wastegates. Test results show the heat cycled GVW product maintains linear control of the wastegate as compared to the new product. Precise actuation of the GVW provides accurate calibration settings and performance throughout the lifespan of the product. Accurate wastegates, allow for optimum performance of the turbocharger. Liquid-cooled wastegates lowered the actuator body temperature by 140°C | 284°F

Test Data

  • Max Thermal Stress (non-cooled): 270°C actuator body temp during thermal cycle test
  • Max Thermal Stress (liquid-cooled): 130°C actuator body temp during thermal cycle test
  • Max Exhaust Temp | Peak: Up to 1050°C

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