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Product Info – 48V and 400V Electric Turbo

Garrett’s E-Turbo utilizes a high-speed electric motor positioned on the turbo shaft to spool the compressor more rapidly and eliminate lag, dramatically improving transient engine performance and low-end engine torque. The new technology provides more power and faster response while further enabling engine efficiency.

The utilization of our 48-volt or 400-volt hardware on electrified hybrid powertrains, the fastest-growing segment in the global auto industry, is an effective solution for OEM to address strict environmental standards and set new benchmarks in vehicle performance. By integrating our internally developed high-speed electric motor running at more than 200,000 rpm only inches away from exhaust temperatures exceeding 1,000°C, we are able to deliver electrically assisted boosting under extreme conditions while providing energy recuperation to the vehicle’s electrical system.

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