Technical Papers

九月 2017

The new 1.5l TSIevo gasoline engine from Volkswagen – Miller Cycle and Turbocharging with variable turbine geometry

Author: M. Görke, D. Hagelstein, M. Künstner, J. Theobald; Volkswagen AG | M. Protiva, N. Morand, D. Jeckel; Honeywell Transportation Systems

In addition to meeting fu…

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九月 2017

RDE and CO2 relevant Boosting Technologies for Passenger Cars

Author: L. Pohorelsky, J-S. Roux, E. Bouvier, P. Rathmann, D. Jeckel

As more stringent emissio…

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六月 2017

Boosting Technologies for RDE and CO2 targets

Author: P. Davies, D. Jeckel, JS Roux, L. Pohorelsky

Technical paper covering …

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九月 2016

MAN D26 Two Stage development, heavy duty commercial engines optimized with respect on low fuel consumption and emissions

Author: P. Glonegger a ,C. Weiskircha, M. Eratha, P. Pribylb, R. Cadlec
(a: MAN Truck & Bus AG, b: Honeywell, spol. s r.o., c: Honeywell International Inc)

The development of heavy …

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