Boost Fraternity

What is Boost Fraternity?

Every successful racer starts from the ground up. At Garrett – Advancing Motion, we are here to help you become a great brand ambassador for us and for the entire motorsports industry wherever it ends up taking you. We understand racing can be an expensive habit and that’s why we created a tiered program that will help ease some of those stresses, especially as you graduate through the tiers.

Quarterly program reviews will be conducted by our Boost Advisors, ensuring you follow through on the commitments set forth in the sponsorship agreement. We are looking for our ambassadors to consistently send race recaps, pictures and video content that we can share via our social media accounts or maybe even use for our advertisements. You don’t have to win races to get noticed! Purchase not necessary to be part of Boost Fraternity, but you do have to run a Garrett Motion Turbocharger!

Boost Fraternity Application (USA and Canada)
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International Application (Outside USA)
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For any technical support issues or questions, email us at


Here are a few tips to help you become a stronger brand ambassador:

  1. Learn how to take and edit great pictures using your smartphone. There are lots of free apps and filters that can help. (The free version of Lightroom and the clarity filter can do wonders!). If you are sending images that you did not take or do not own, please make sure you have permission to share them with us.
  2. Race recaps don’t have to be long. “Hi, my name is (enter name here). I raced at (enter track/ event name, location, and date). There were (enter total entries here) amount of cars. I finished (enter results here) in (enter class here). Here are a few cool things I really liked about racing on this track (…). I use the Garrett (enter turbo model). Here are a couple of images you can use for social media, and my social media handles are.” (attach photos in the email)
  3. If you have video content, great! In-car camera footage makes for some really great social media content. Set up a free Dropbox account or use WeTransfer and include the link to the video in your recap email4
  4. You’re probably asking, “How can I move up to another tier?” Moving up within the first three tiers is relatively easy, remember to send us your race recaps including photo and video content, and use #GarrettMotion and #TurboLife in your social media posts. Additional details are emailed to you every time you receive a promotional email.
  5. Lastly, you don’t have to win to get noticed. Most brands/manufacturers have this same view. It really comes down to how you represent yourself, and the branding you provide to the companies that sponsor you. Logo placement is key. If you look at images from an event and you can’t clearly see the logos on the car, chances are we can’t either. As a manufacturer, we offer these discounts and tiers in order to receive a promotion from the people using our products. So before you give the thumbs up on that wildly designed vinyl wrap, think about how and where your sponsor logos are going to stand out. If you’re going with good, old-fashioned stickers instead of an all-out wrap, take it upon yourself to have stickers professionally made. Sure, we’re happy to send you stickers, but it says a lot more when you show that initiative. Additionally, if you don’t use #GarrettMotion or #TurboLife in your social media posts, we probably won’t see the posts.

The Different Fraternity Levels

  • OMEGA – The Best of the Best. Product support and team apparel on us.
  • ALPHA – Elite Members can enjoy product support on race hardware and deep discounts on spares.
  • GAMMA – Junior members receive a discount on turbocharger hardware.
  • SIGMA – Level two gives you a larger hardware discount, keep working towards your next promotion.
  • DELTA – New members to Boost Fraternity will get a discount on new hardware and apparel.