8月 14, 2018

Garrett Aftermarket Turbos Boost Motor to Record-Breaking 5,300 Horsepower on Engine Dyno

See and hear it to believe it. Twin Honeywell Garrett GTX5544R Gen II 106MM turbochargers boost a 670-cubic-inch hemi engine to 5,300 horsepower, making it the world’s highest horsepower recorded on an engine dynamo-meter (dyno).

​The turbochargers are the largest offering in the Garrett aftermarket lineup and when paired with the Moran Racing Engines’ hemi platform, it cemented a new 5,300 horsepower record at 7,500 RPM and 70 lbs/30.75 kgs of boost. ​

Watch the turbocharged engine roar in the video below

​An engine dyno is ​a special measuring device used to gauge various aspects of an engine’s power and is typically installed in a special engineering or research lab.

The Moran engine is capable of reving to 9,000 RPM and they estimate the combination with the turbochargers is able to produce 6,000 horsepower.

​This race engine is being shipped to a drag racing customer in Australia who expects to make its debut before the end of the year.