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Technical Papers
April 2017

Variable Nozzle Turbine Turbocharger for Gasoline “Miller” Engine | Basic Principle

Author: PJ Cancalon, N. Morand, G. Agnew, P. Davies | Garrett Motion | Honeywell Transportation Systems

1. Why Combine Miller + VNT Turbo ?
Miller Cycle Combustion Benefits
Variable Nozzle Turbine, VNT Turbochargers

2. Specific Developments for Gasoline

Increased CR & Miller Cycle brings BSFC and T3 reduction but needs higher boost
Option to compress in the cylinder when its efficient to do so or in the Turbo (work split)
VNT Turbo gives flat Turbine efficiency, enabling lower Turbine inlet pressure P3 for ISO Power
Charge Air Cooling needs to be increased to keep the same engine inlet temperature

First high volume VNT for Gasoline.
Specific Aero & Materials, Classic Design & Std Clearances
Full portfolio of VNT Gas under development for 1,0L to 2,0L

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