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Technical Papers
November 2020

The smallest CV VNT (TM) developed for Euro VI+ & Japan PPNLT light duty commercial applications with extreme braking

Author: S. Ikeda, O. Senekl, V. Kalyanaraman

Abstract: Challenging emissions and fuel consumption legislations across the globe drive continuous evolution of VNTTM turbocharger technologies. In the light duty (100 kW – 140 kW engines) commercial vehicles segment, this challenge is further complicated by high cost-sensitivity and unique packaging constraints. Moreover, due to engine down-sizing, light duty commercial vehicle powertrains need to expand their range to cover a portion of medium duty vehicle applications as well.

Garrett – Advancing Motion has developed the GT17V Gen 3 VNTTM, which is Garrett’s smallest CV VNTTM turbocharger to meet customers’ performance, emission and reliability targets.

This paper presents the key technologies and development methodology of GT17V turbocharger.

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