Turbocharging At Elevation To Counteract Lower Air Density

Turbocharging at Elevation Have you ever tried to exert yourself at elevation and notice you become out of breath more quickly than at sea level?…

Roosters Bike Shop 250CC Turbocharged Motorcycle

Turbocharged Motorcycles Prepare To Break Speed Records At Bonneville

Red Cup Racing and Roosters Bike Shop turbocharge motorcycles to set new land speed records at famous Bonneville Salt Flats for Speed Week 2019


One Question: Talking Turbocharger Explosions With Chris Floren Of Garrett Motion

Let’s be frank: nobody likes to have their expensive performance parts fail under pressure because losing races—and potentially incurring physical harm to yourself or bystanders…


Turbocharged Delivery Truck In Episode Of Drift This

Professional drifters Chris Forsberg and Ryan Tuerck partner with Motor Trend in a new YouTube Series called “Drift This”. The duo takes an unsuspecting vehicle,…


One Fast Lap: Racing The Clock In Time Attack

One Fast Lap: Racing The Clock With The RS Motors Time Attack Racing Team This car is built for one thing- Time Attack Racing. Time…

Old Smokey F1 Shift Sector Start

Old Smokey F-1: How To Make Clouds With 1400 Horsepower

How does one start off with a $225 Craigslist find and end up with a race vehicle worth well over $200,000? This is the story…


Garrett Helps Boost India Racing Champ Arjun Balu Out of Retirement Back into Winner’s Circle

Garrett Motion turbochargers have been crucial to winning races and breaking lap records for the eight-time national champion – and recently “unretired” – Arjun Balu….


Setting Land Speed Records At 500 MPH

Going 500 MPH is not an easy task. Garrett turbo and Carbinite LSR work hand in hand with engineering and technology to break the current land speed record.


Garrett Becomes Turbo Supplier For Honda Talon SXS Turbo System by Jackson Racing

Garrett turbochargers are selected as the official turbocharger for the Honda Talon SXS turbo system developed by Jackson Racing. The Jackson Racing Talon SXS Turbocharger…

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