Garrett Motion at Global WINConference 2019

What are the forces that are shaping tomorrow? How can we pioneer the future? WINConference aims to guide us towards new models of living, working…


Garrett Motion – Year 1 Anniversary

On October 1, 2018 Garrett Motion was introduced to the world as a stand-alone company. Leveraging 65 years of technology leadership, our teams across the…


Rotary Heaven with Rob Dahm

His vision is to have a 4 rotor powered RX7 that handles like Ken Block’s Hoonicorn and of course has a huge Garrett turbo.


800 WHP Unlimited Front Wheel Drive Acura Integra Type R

Jim Houghton’s 800 WHP Unlimited Front Wheel Drive Acura Integra Type R is one of the fastest cars in Time Attack Racing. It’s 2.4L turbocharged engine is..


Garrett Drag Racers Take On The Shakedown At Virginia Motorsports Park

It doesn’t get much more competitive than heads up drag racing! The Shakedown Nationals at Virginia Motorsports Park presented by COMP Cams planned to rock…


The Fastest Radial Drag Car In The World With 4690 Horsepower

Jason Carter and Mark Micke are two of the biggest names in drag racing and current world record holders with 221 MPH in the 1/8th mile! Garrett GTX5533R


1st Place For GCG Sponsored Andy Gray Team Powervehicles Japan

Congrats to Andy Gray, 3 time Formula Drift Japan Champion for his 1st place finish at Okuibuki Formula Drift. His Powervehicles JZX100 Mark 2, 2JZ turbocharged Garrett G42-1200 supplied the power he needed to fight some tough battles and come out on top.


Drag Radial Standout Josh Klugger Builds New 1967 Mustang Fastback

Radial racer Josh Klugger builds a new race car to dominate the radial vs world class. the twin turbo powered Pro Line Hemi, is ready to roar with it’s 4700 horsepower.


JDM Meets German Fusion: Meet The 900hp Bavarian Battle Wagon

A practical, well-mannered 5-door E46 mixed with a fire breathing 2JZ-GTE beast putting down over 900 horsepower to the wheels with a GTX3584RS turbocharger supplying the boost.


Drift With George Kiriakopoulos In His Turbocharged 2JZ Powered Nissan 370Z

The GTX3582R Gen II is a great choice for the 2JZGTE engine because the (66 68 mm) compressor to turbine wheel combination provides big power and quick boost response. The power curve provides sufficient boost at a wide range of RPMs needed for drift events.

the Garrett E-Turbo Technology

Garrett Motion Showcased the Electric Turbocharger for first time at IAA 2019

On display for the first time will be Garrett’s “E-Turbo” for mass market passenger vehicles, expected to launch in 2021 Garrett will display additional turbo…


Turbocharged 1.9L Honda Civic Makes 785 Horsepower With GTX3582R Gen II

Time Attack competitors are always chasing more horsepower while trying to maintain reliability and a useable power-band. Boersma’s car of choice is a 1999 Honda Civic with a 1.9L Honda B Series turbo engine that cranks out 785 horsepower with a Garrett GTX3582R Gen II!

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