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What is the real cost of a cheap turbo?


Do you know what’s the true cost of installing a cheap turbo?



When a customer comes to you with a failed turbo, there are various options you can discuss:

An original OE replacement

A remanufactured turbo with OE specified components

Cheaper options with non OE specified parts

A cheap reman turbo, a cheap repair or a copy should save your customer money today, but cost you valuable profit and time in the future. If an inferior quality turbo leaks or fails, you have to replace the unit free of charge and lose the chance to carry out other work while you do this. Unhappy customers won’t come back and your reputation could suffer.

Know your options. Trust a Garrett.

Get the true cost of installing a cheap turbo with out short guide and learn about the options you have.

To know more about the trend in Europe for including turbos in performance discussions of aftermarket parts which help achieve energy and environmental targets, visit the type approval page here.

New or remanufactured, every Garrett is designed with OE performance, quality and reliability as standard, optimizing power output and fuel efficiency over the long term.


Our online Product Search tool helps to establish the authenticity of a genuine Garrett turbo!

Garrett remanufactured turbos are supported by the technical expertise of Honeywell, so you get the peace-of-mind that comes with choosing a world leader in turbo technology.

Find the nearest distributor for your Garrett turbo!

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