Turbo Direct Success Through Technical Training in South Africa

Thirty-five mechanical insurance specialists from Motorite have received the ultimate boost to their turbo knowledge thanks to an innovative training session organized by South Africa Garrett® Master Distributor Turbo Direct.

Held at Motorite’s premises in Johannesburg, the event enabled the consultants to get ‘hands-on’ with the latest turbo products – and to understand the inherent value of original technology.

Motorite is the largest independent motor-related insurance administrator in Southern Africa, providing innovative mechanical breakdown insurance products and full maintenance and service plans.

Turbo Direct Managing Director Chris Kambouris says that enhancing turbo knowledge among industry stakeholders such as Motorite helps communicate the clear advantages of using original technology – and the significant risks associated with non-genuine products.

“The more we can do to spread the word that original is best, the more our industry will understand the inherent benefits of OE turbo quality. Our training events are always very well received – people come away with comprehensive information about turbo operation, failure causes and a clear view on the turbo growth path in the Aftermarket.”

Tristan Gunn, Risk Claims Supervisor at Motorite, described the session as “an unequivocal success combining hands-on experience with outstanding training material.”

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