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Turbo Direct BV appointed as Master Distributor of Garrett Turbochargers

As of April 1st 2015, Turbo Direct BV has been appointed as Master distributor of Garrett by Honeywell turbochargers for the Netherlands.

The largest turbo manufacturer in the world considers Turbo Direct BV, a company capable to increase the Dutch market share for Garrett.

At the beginning of the year, the proud owners Erwin Visser and Frans Wiegmans signed a contract at the Garrett headquarters in Rolle, Switzerland in the presence of Clement de Valon, Global Director Aftermarket.

Erwin Visser: “We are incredibly happy with this. This is a confirmation that since we have started Turbo Direct – at the beginning of 2009, we have chosen the right strategy to go for undisputed 100% quality and reliability.

Turbo Direct is the only company in the Netherlands that solely delivers original turbos. ”

Frans Wiegmans adds: “The turbo market keeps growing. More and more suppliers are offering reconditioned turbochargers, while most of the manufacturers do not deliver any parts for many years now. The technical information, necessary to deliver a flawless working reconditioned turbocharger, has also not been released for many years.

Moreover, the number of Chinese copy products are increasing. Fitting a non original reconditioned or a copy turbo on your engine leads to various problems. You cannot see the real quality of a turbocharger from the outside.”

Erwin Visser continues: “ We always say to our customers: <<What you don’t see, is what you should look for>>.  It is the inside of the turbocharger that makes the real difference in quality.”

For better addressing the reconditioned and copy alternatives, Garrett has an extended REMAN program.

Frans Wiegmans: “ We will offer this program as an alternative for a newly manufactured turbo. A Garrett remanufactured turbo is as good as a new one and will not affect our high quality standards.”

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