Spain Hosts 1st EMEA Performance Distributors Meeting

On May 24th and 25th, Honeywell Turbo Technologies organized the 1st EMEA Performance Distributors meeting, gathering in Barcelona (Spain) representatives of 10 different companies who are Garrett Official Performance Distributors, covering the specific segment of power upgrade turbos and motorsports in Europe.

Garrett Performance leaders Justin Ocello and Yukio Taira gave an update of new product developments and marketing tools to boost this specific business, while Application Engineer Trevor Cass gave the audience a technical presentation on ball-bearing technologies.

After the meeting, all the participants went to watch the King of Europe Drifting Championship which took place in the new Parc Motor circuit in Castelloli (Barcelona). There was special presence of Garrett brand at the circuit paddock and this international drifting race, now becoming a popular motorsport event also in Europe, attracted the attention of more than 4000 attendees.

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