July 23, 2014

New Turbo Installation Video on a PSA DV6TED4 Engine.

Garrett by Honeywell has released a new educational video showing the turbo replacement procedure for a 1.6L Hdi DV6TED4 engine. This is a very popular engine in the European market, installed in many different passenger cars such as the Peugeot 307, Citroën C3, Ford Focus and Mini Cooper.

Following a large number of customer enquiries regarding the technical complexity of this advanced engine, Honeywell filmed the full turbocharger replacement procedure to help technicians understand the importance of following the proper turbo installation process. Turbochargers are highly sophisticated and technical units, which are connected to the lubrication circuit, the exhaust, air intake and ECU of the engine.

This is the second educational video on passenger vehicle applications, and will soon be followed by other videos of this kind for other popular cars.

Garrett by Honeywell Turbo Replacement on DV6TED4 Engine

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