July 23, 2014

NEW Packaging Design Available Worldwide.

With effect from February 2014, Garrett Aftermarket Turbo packaging will incorporate some important visual changes designed to strengthen the brand’s protection against counterfeiting. In keeping with the main design guidelines implemented across Europe in 2011, all Garrett boxes will now include a new registered logo, which represents half a compressor wheel and half a sunflower. This image expresses our commitment to CO2 emissions reduction and reflects the way in which we help car manufacturers to produce more fuel efficient vehicles. At the same time, the word “original” is highlighted alongside the logo to underline the need for genuine turbo products to be installed.
In addition, the traditional turbine wheel silhouette that was in use on packaging in Europe up until 2011 – and ever-present in other regions over the last 10 years – is being reintroduced into the design to provide protection against counterfeiters who deliberately slightly miss-spell the ‘Garrett’ name in an attempt to leverage benefit for themselves from our Aftermarket brand values.
The result of these changes is a unified packaging identity for all our turbos, making it much easier to distinguish a genuine Garrett unit from a counterfeit model.

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