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Insist on Genuine Update

Turbomaster S.L., Garrett’s distributor for Aftermarket turbos in Spain, has successfully completed the first “Insist on Garrett Genuine” training program among national wholesalers in Spain.

Over an 11-month period, Turbomaster trained 1250 Aftermarket professionals in 53 technical seminars across all of Spain’s 17 autonomous regions. From the Canary Islands to the Basque region, garage professionals and commercial staff working for the main wholesaler groups were instructed on turbo fundamentals, on how to identify the right Garrett turbos by relying on the information on the nameplates, and on how to use both Turbomaster and Garrett catalogues. Underlying all the training was the message that only new genuine Garrett® units provide the best quality and reliability.

The campaign was complemented by the distribution of Spanish-language “Insist on Genuine” brochures, a troubleshooting booklet developed by Turbomaster.

Says Mr. Camarasaltas Jr., Managing Director at Turbomaster: “This campaign has enabled us to deliver the right technical skills to a large number of automotive professionals who now understand that turbos will play an increasingly significant role in their businesses in the future.”

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