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Honeywell Turbo doubles its On-Highway Commercial Vehicle Penetration in Europe since 2012

Honeywell Turbo Technologies has become a key supplier of turbochargers for commercial vehicles in Europe, helping manufacturers meet more stringent Euro 6 regulations, thereby doubling its overall penetration for on-highway applications in Europe in just two years. Honeywell turbos are now present on more than five times as many Euro 6 certified applications compared to the older Euro 5 standard.
“Starting almost 10 years ago, Honeywell committed itself to developing a commercial vehicle presence in Europe and providing solutions to help manufacturers transition to the more stringent Euro 6 regulations with improvements in fuel efficiency, productivity and cost,” said Craig Balis, chief technology officer for Honeywell Transportation Systems. “Our technologies help drive operational efficiency benefits which can significantly enhance the bottom line for the commercial vehicle fleet owner.”

At the recent Automechanika Frankfurt 2014 trade show in Germany , there were a number of turbochargers on display demonstrating the technical innovation for which Honeywell Turbo Technologies has come to be known. The displays included the Medium Duty Diesel and Natural Gas turbochargers which cover 3.0L to 9.0L engines with variable and fixed geometry turbine options in single and TwoStage configurations. Also on display were HTT’s Heavy Duty Diesel turbos which cover 9.0L to 13L engines with variable geometry (VNT™) and up to 100L with fixed geometry, both available in single and TwoStage series configurations.

Honeywell has invested in its existing operations in Europe including adding more laboratories and engineers with an expanded emphasis on commercial vehicles at one of its global technical centers in Brno, Czech Republic. Due to this investment and foresight, HTT is now the leading global innovator of turbo technologies enabling compliance with Euro 6 standards for nearly every leading European CV manufacturer.

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