January 10, 2011

Honeywell Turbo Aftermarket to Benefit From New Logistics Capability in 2011

There’s a logistics revolution on the way for the Turbo Aftermarket business in EMEA, heralding an era of best-in-class service designed to increase Aftermarket business.

The new logistics platform in Thaon-Les-Vosges (France), close to one of Honeywell’s production plants, will provide state-of-the-art customer service through on-line facilities, and will improve the transportation of products thanks to a new direct link to Honeywell’s supply facilities.

The enhancements also include new Aftermarket turbo packaging. The improvements in the quality of packaging will provide reinforced protection in line with the premium quality of the product. Product boxes will also carry new bar code labels, showing the reference number as well as the serial number.

Says Ed Goodwin, Global Director for the Independent Aftermarket at Honeywell Turbo Technologies: “These initiatives will raise service levels for distributors while enhancing Honeywell’s brand awareness and offering better protection of high-value turbos during transportation. The logistics platform will also provide better traceability of product.”

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