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Honeywell Extends “Garrett Original Reman” Turbos to North American Independent Aftermarket

Garrett has 19 remanufactured replacement turbos now available in North America which are a perfect fit for older vehicles seeking quality and value.

Garrett Original Reman was introduced in Europe in 2013 and has been great success providing lower cost turbo replacement options which still meet Honeywell’s production standards as well as auto makers’ original equipment specifications.

Having developed the original equipment specifications for numerous applications in cooperation with global automotive manufacturers, Honeywell is qualified to offer remanufactured replacement options which can save end consumers around 30 percent versus a new replacement part. Garrett Original Reman turbos have been meticulously restored, recalibrated and rebalanced, for the independent aftermarket ensuring seamless integration with vehicle engines.

“As the original turbo designer, Honeywell has the technical knowledge and manufacturing experience to deliver Garrett units matching the engine management system requirements through its original assembly, calibration and testing processes,” said Eric Fraysse, vice president and general manager of Aftermarket, Honeywell Transportation Systems. “The Garrett brand – synonymous with quality performance and reliability – is now able to extend the global reach of its highly successful remanufactured process to include the North American independent aftermarket.”

Each Garrett Original Reman turbo is re-assembled to the same specifications as original new parts and inspected against original production drawings. As a starting point, Garrett remanufactured turbos receive several new original components, such as actuators, compressor wheels, bearing systems, seals, O-rings, piston ring seals, bolts and clamps. As an additional customer benefit, any part which has been upgraded since its original introduction will be replaced with the newer part in a remanufactured Garrett turbo.

“We continue to work with our global distribution network to serve the growing needs for reliable remanufactured turbo replacement with an attractive price point for owners of older vehicles,” said Fraysse. “As the turbocharged passenger car market in North America begins to mature, we are excited to extend the availability of this product line to the late-model car owner who needs a repair, but doesn’t need or want to pay for a completely new part.”

The complexity of Garrett turbos involves rotational speeds in excess of 250,000 rotations per minute. These highly precise boosting technologies require component tolerances that can be as small as 4 microns – the same as a particle of dust and 17 times smaller than a human hair. Garages and installers should consider the source of their replacement parts when serving their customers’ needs.

Garrett Original Reman turbos will come with the same warranty as its new replacement turbochargers. Just as it has in Europe, Honeywell will look to increase the number of Garrett Original Reman offerings as market demand increases.


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