Global Aftermarket Conference Promotes Honeywell’s Superior Products – Olivier Rabiller

Honeywell Turbo Technologies hosted its second annual Global Aftermarket Conference welcoming approximately 130 representatives from its worldwide Garrett distributors to a two-day event in Las Vegas, Nevada. With the theme “It’s Our Time”, the conference offered an opportunity for Honeywell to highlight its in-depth knowledge about the latest aftermarket trends as well as its superior product offerings and technical support.

“The continuous growth of Turbo penetration on the OE side of the business is paving the way for a huge growth in our Aftermarket business,” said Olivier Rabiller, TS Vice-President for Aftermarket. “We are convinced that we are offering great products in that field and this conference ensures that our worldwide distributors are aware of everything we have to offer.”

The packed agenda featured presentations about where the Turbo business is heading and the up-and-coming technologies that distributors can expect to see. The Turbo team also highlighted their key initiatives including updating their print and online product catalog, cracking down on counterfeiters and coming up with strategies to work more effectively with their distributors.

Overall, the conference offered a unique opportunity for the distributors to better understand how the global aftermarket business is framing up across the regions and ask questions of the Turbo leadership team. In addition, as was the case at the first conference in 2010, this global conference served as a platform for networking and learning among the fellow participants. With two successful events under their belt, the Turbo Aftermarket team looks forward to hosting their next conference in Asia in 2014.

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