Germany: Cologne Experiences Turbochargers at The “Nacht der Technik”

The 4th “Night of the Technics” celebrated in the city of Cologne (Germany) on June 14th was again a great success.

With the option of visiting different organized exhibitions, workshops, guided tours and contests, more than 5000 visitors enjoyed the fascinating world of Technics.

The Garrett Master Distributor in Germany, Motair Turbolader GmbH actively participated in this event, showing to the general public how turbochargers work, and what are the most important technical challenges to overcome when it comes to engine boosting through turbocharging.

For many visitors, it was the first time that they learned the rotation speed of turbochargers, the high temperature of exhaust gases emitted by an engine, and the way this energy is used to provide more power to the engine, resulting in reduced emissions and fuel consumption.

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