Garrett Most Popular Turbos in Europe Now Including Gasket Kits

Starting on 1st June 2013, Honeywell Turbo Technologies began including a gasket kit inside certain Garrett turbochargers boxes for the Aftermarket business. As a start, 30 turbos for European Passenger Vehicle applications are supplied with a quality gasket kit creating the perfect seal between the Turbo and engine block, EGR valves connections and manifolds.

This new initiative by Garrett makes the Service & Replacement turbochargers “install-ready”, helping installers save time and money as they will not need to source these gaskets from third parties.

Gasket kits can also be purchased separately, so customers can use them for old turbos existing on their stocks.

The newly updated Garrett online catalog indicates whether a turbocharger indicates whether a turbocharger includes its gasket kit in the box or not.

Garrett plans to increase the number of turbos that come with a gasket kit in its box. The target is to make gaskit kits available for more than 100 turbos and 70% of sales volumes of new turbos in Europe by the end of 2013.

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