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China – Update on Our “Insist on Genuine” Campaign

In January 2011 Honeywell Turbo Technologies won a lawsuit against a Chinese company for the continuous infringement of the Garrett® trademark.

The Shanghai Huangpu District Court found that the convicted company had used a trademark designed to mislead because of its similarity to Honeywell’s exclusive trademarks for Garrett and its equivalent in Chinese characters.

The court also stated that the use of similar domain names on the internet had also constituted an infringement of Honeywell’s “Garrett” trademark rights due to the evident confusion that it had caused in the eyes of the public.

The Court held the company’s sole shareholder and its sales agent liable for paying the maximum in statutory damages for a trademark infringement under the Chinese law.

The legal action demonstrated Honeywell’s determination to protect its Intellectual Property from existing and would-be counterfeiters. The inherent value of choosing genuine Garrett-branded products was also underlined by an educational program hosted by Honeywell Turbo Technologies at Shanghai Automechanika in December 2010. The program was designed to help consumers both identify counterfeit products and understand the potentially damaging consequences of installing such turbos.

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