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February 29, 2016

Honeywell’s ‘Insist on Genuine’ Campaign Warns North Africa of Non-Genuine Product Performance

ALGIERS, Algeria –  Feb. 29, 2016 – Honeywell (NYSE: HON) Transportation Systems, a leading global provider of automotive turbocharger technology, is using this week’s Equip Auto Algeria to reinforce the importance of understanding the true value of genuine aftermarket replacement parts for the tens of millions of drivers globally who enjoy the turbocharger advantage year after year.

Vehicle owners tempted by a cheaper “drop-in” copy or even an illegal counterfeit turbo might not realize the money saved today, could be a fraction of the amount needed for more costly engine repairs tomorrow.

Ongoing product analysis undertaken by Honeywell Transportation Systems shows how its market-leading Garrett turbos deliver significantly better whole-life value than lower-cost non-genuine alternatives when taking into account reliability, performance, fuel efficiency and product life.

“Turbocharging has become increasingly an important technology and is found on more and more new vehicles, which means it is also a key engine component in the maintenance and service of older vehicles,” said Clement de Valon, Global Director, Independent Aftermarket, Honeywell Transportation Systems. “For our aftermarket customers, Garrett turbos are engineered to meet the exacting original specifications of manufacturers and deliver performance levels not possible with non-genuine turbos. Using an inferior turbo can have significant consequences for the engine and vehicle performance as a whole.”

Honeywell Turbo Technologies works with authorized distributors including those serving North Africa to provide training on how to identify genuine products. Honeywell also developed a consumer “Insist on Genuine” educational section on its web site – –providing tips on how to identify original Garrett turbochargers and the potential problems of drop-in models.

Examples of the serious issues include low flow and pressure, which causes a poor response in the vehicle; an overtly rich diesel fuel/air mix, which can cause excessively high temperature, thus also damaging the turbo as well as the engine; high flow/pressure, which causes over-speeding of the turbo, wheel bursting and damage to the turbo and engine; and excessive boost pressure, which causes physical damage to the engine.

Using non-genuine turbochargers can also negatively affect engine efficiency and the effect on the environment. These potential problems include reduced performance leading to lower vehicle value and poor drivability on the road; increased fuel consumption leading to higher running costs and greatly increased whole-life expenditure; increased emissions leading to higher CO2 and NOx output, which could prohibit vehicle use following statutory inspections; conflict with the engine management system leading to vehicles running in reduced power safety mode; and creating immediate conflict with the engine control unit on engine start-up.

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