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Honeywell’s Automotive Software Group Shaping the Future by Improving Powertrain Performance

Honeywell OnRAMPFRANKFURT – Sept. 15, 2015 – Software technology is shaping the future of automotive transportation and Honeywell (NYSE:HON) is at the forefront of this transformation helping auto makers improve fuel economy, reduce material costs, improve the vehicle performance and minimize warranty expenses by optimizing powertrain controls.

Honeywell’s OnRAMP® design suite is one of several technology solutions on display from the world’s leading provider of turbochargers at the Frankfurt International Motor Show (IAA) this week. The suite of software applications helps engine makers reduce development cycles while customizing the increasingly complex computer controls used in modern cars and trucks.

“As global regulators continue to push for further reductions in harmful particulate matter and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions, Honeywell is inventing software technology to enhance automotive engine and system performance,” said Chris Greentree, general manager of Honeywell Automotive Software. “Our software offerings provide auto manufacturers the capability to solve complex powertrain challenges with easy-to-use desktop software. The OnRAMP suite of tools can use predictive software to replace physical sensors and also improve the driving experience for the end consumer.”

OnRAMP tools provide auto manufacturers a myriad of ways to maximize efficiency in the engine development cycle, an essential advantage as manufacturers continue to evaluate ways to meet stringent emissions and fuel economy standards. Some of the OnRAMP applications are already helping auto makers analyze and solve complex powertrain challenges, including:

  • Advanced Powertrain Control – The OnRAMP systematic toolset, with a repeatable and scalable process, contributes to the delivery of best in class engine performance. By applying the software, a leading auto manufacturer achieved 50% reduction in engine controls calibration development cost and time.
  • Virtual Sensors for NOx, NH3, Turbo Speed, MAF and EGR Flow – OnRAMP tools aid in optimizing a complete sensor set, allowing the introduction of virtual sensors to replace and enhance physical sensors. Virtual sensors can offer up to $400 bill of material savings per vehicle.
  • Predictive Cruise Control – OnRAMP tools enhance an existing cruise control system, taking into consideration road grade and ambient conditions, to offer real-time optimized fuel consumption while maintaining average speed. A manufacturer recorded more than a 3 percent gain in fuel economy, measured against the current best-in-class system.
  • Integrated Vehicle Health Management – Real-time diagnostics optimizing vehicle performance provides up to a 5 percent reduction in warranty cost with increased vehicle reliability. OnRAMP predictive models and virtual sensors provide high value prognostic and diagnostic indications for increased fault coverage and reduced time to troubleshoot.
  • Cyber Security – Leveraging Honeywell expertise in Aerospace and Industrial safety critical applications to enhance cyber security of connected vehicles. System level approach to securing existing and future vehicles enhances safety, reduces potential warranty claims.
  • Enhanced Vision – Augmented reality head-up displays increase drivers’ awareness of the road and traffic environment during low-visibility conditions. The result is increased safety.

OnRAMP Customers and Partners

To date, Honeywell Automotive Software has worked closely with leading manufacturers such General Motors, Ford Motor Company, Renault, Siemens, Cummins, Jaquet Technology and universities such as Technical University of Eindhoven, Czech Technical University and University of Michigan to deliver outstanding results in a number of areas.

Since 2011, Honeywell has released five editions of OnRAMP software, and is currently working with eight different customers to help streamline their development processes. OnRAMP tools have garnered several industry accolades, including the 2012 Control Systems Technology Award from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineer (IEEE).

Other resources

Of Honeywell’s 22,000 engineers globally, more than half are currently working with software related products. In addition to the OnRAMP suite of powertrain related tools, Honeywell Automotive Software is working across Honeywell business groups to bring the best the company has to offer to the automotive industry. Other software controls targeted for automotive application include Collision Avoidance Technology developed by Honeywell Aerospace for the aviation industry.

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