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November 4, 2015

Honeywell Turbos Bring Original Equipment Specifications to Independent Aftermarket at AAPEX

LAS VEGAS, Nov. 2, 2015 — Honeywell (NYSE: HON) Transportation Systems, the leading global developer of automotive turbochargers, is showcasing its independent aftermarket business for the passenger vehicle market at the Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (AAPEX) at booth #5048.

With an increase of turbocharger adoption in the U.S.,

Garrett by Honeywell

Garrett aftermarket turbos are built to the original OEM specs

Honeywell has a dedicated team to help engine installers identify the right turbochargers that meet original equipment specifications, locate nearby distributors and ensure drivers are safer on the road. Under its Garrett aftermarket brand, Honeywell distributors can service more than 2,000 variants of turbos and center housing rotating assemblies available via independent aftermarket channels.

The original equipment turbocharger market in North America is expected to grow from 23 percent penetration to 39 percent penetration of new vehicle sales or roughly 8.8 million turbocharged vehicles per year by 2020, according to Honeywell’s 2015 Global Turbo Forecast.

“Turbochargers have evolved from a niche technology on a few imports to a foundational powertrain strategy serving all vehicle segments in North America. With this incredible growth in adoption during the past few years, turbochargers are now a key component of vehicle service and maintenance as they help enable increased fuel efficiency and reduced emissions,” said Eric Fraysse, vice president and general manager of Aftermarket, Honeywell Transportation Systems. “Our Garrett by Honeywell brand of turbochargers are engineered to meet the exact specifications demanded by the original car and truck manufacturer.”

As the technology becomes more common, drivers and installers need to be aware that non-genuine turbochargers from unauthorized remanufacturers or suppliers may lead to engine failure or non-compliance with emission regualtions. To ensure genuine turbochargers are on the road, Honeywell has enlisted five Garrett Master Distributors with more than 33 locations and approximately 160 Garrett Authorized Centers across the U.S. and Canada to assist installers in using the proper turbocharger technology to keep drivers safer while getting optimal performance and increased fuel efficiency.

Garrett Master Distributors have direct access to the Garrett by Honeywell product portfolio and carry significant inventory to quickly respond to local turbocharging requirements. In addition, Garrett Master Distributors can assess warranty claims, provide technical assistance, and have the ability to service every model from older T-style turbochargers to the newly launched variable geometry ball-bearing technologies.

Honeywell also developed a website ( to provide installers the tools to access the full portfolio of Garrett by Honeywell turbochargers without needing to go to a dealership. Installers can access technology videos, view a step-by-step installation guide, find local distributors and more.

 Buy Genuine to Protect your Vehicle

Modern turbocharged engines are a very complex technology. The engines are subjected to higher speeds, hotter temperatures and severe duty cycles and turbochargers can fail under these intense conditions if not built properly. The turbo shaft speed can skyrocket from 90,000 revolutions per minute (rpm) to more than 200,000 rpm. Turbine wheels flowing highly-boosted exhausted gas can reach 1800 degrees Fahrenheit, and top-level motorsport vehicles can regularly reach 1950 degrees Fahrenheit.

Turbochargers can help downsized engines and improve fuel economy as much as 20 percent to 40 percent in gas and diesel engines, respectively, when compared with larger naturally aspirated engines and still provide the same or better engine performance. Downsized engines with turbochargers can also reduce harmful exhaust emissions. Yet, copy or unauthorized remanufactured turbochargers can negatively affect engine efficiency, including reduced performance, increased fuel consumption and may void emission requirements when the vehicle goes through its annual emissions test.

Non-genuine substitute parts and different processes in copy turbochargers can lead to serious issues including low flow and pressure, which causes a poor response in the vehicle. An overly rich diesel fuel/air mix can cause excessively high temperature, and high flow/pressure can cause over-speeding of the turbocharger and potentially result in damage to the turbocharger or engine.

Honeywell works with nearly every major global manufacturer and each year launches an average of 100 new turbocharger applications. Garrett turbochargers offered through the independent aftermarket cover the broadest range of engine applications, from micro-cars and light automobiles to construction vehicles and the racing circuit.

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